Guna is an Italian pharmaceutical company, guided by ethical principles and devoted to scientific research. Guna focuses on education and scientific information addressed to doctors and pharmacists.

Guna develops and distributes regenerative injectable medical devices that are unique, effective, innovative and with a very high safety profile.

Manufacturing takes place in Milan, Italy, in Guna’s own GMP pharmaceutical facility according to GMP rules, the highest pharmaceutical standards of quality. The plant is regularly inspected by the Italian Ministry of Health, US FDA and other European health authorities for ensuring the compliance with current regulations.

Every year, Guna invests considerable resources in clinical and experimental research studies to prove the safety and effectiveness, in several medical areas: orthopedics, physical rehabilitation medicine, sport medicine, pain management, rheumatology, dermatology, and aesthetic medicine.

These research studies are freely available to professionals, as Guna is strongly convinced that spreading ideas and information is the engine of progress.

Guna is strongly committed to medical education, as it is the best tool for spreading the knowledge about Guna’s innovative and unique products, and for helping doctors provide the best possible support to their patients.

Guna is also engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility Projects, so to give back to the community a part of the profits generated.